Banana car header graphic

Pics (Original)

I started building the big banana car when I was in Monclova, Ohio near Toledo and these were my neighbours Heather and Scott.

It's hard to work on a project when your design pattern keeps getting eaten!

Scott and Heather. Scott is eating a banana.

The actual work on the big banana car was started in Bowling Green Ohio at the home/workshop of Mark Steel.

Mark working on removing the bolts holding in the pick up bed.

The Dirty Brothers enjoying a beautiful sunset on the shore of the Mongolian ocean.

(Steve on the left and Spade on the right)

The day that Spade and I moved the Banana car to Coopersburg PA, it was pelting down.


It was like I had soaked fully clothed in a cold bath.
Which was something I wanted to do anyway so it worked out okay.

Moving the Banana Car to Coopersburg PA.

There's something you should know....
...I'm not really a welder.

But Ron Kutt is.

Ron is doing all the serious welding of things that need to stay connected.

The act of welding as art.

Glen and Steve thinking about stuff.

Photo of glen and steve thinking.

Photo of Glenn Singer sandblasting the frame and banana car skeleton.

Glenn Singer of CustomServicesCompany sandblasted the very rusty F150 frame and the rebar banana skeleton.

I asked my "chien bizarre", Joe, what he thought of the idea of contacting Chiquita for sponsorship of the BBC. I vote "no" because with $$ there are always strings and I prefer to think of the Big Banana Car as a symbol of the free-thinking, free-spirited, slightly mad...... Joe on the other hand is something of a capitalist whore and thinks you should grovel for every corporate dollar, pound, dog biscuit, etc.


Photo of Joe looking very handsome (if a little embarrassed) in his new BigBananaCar T-shirt.

Joe looking very handsome (if a little embarrassed) in his new BigBananaCar T-shirt.

  If you purchase any of our Big Banana Car clothing why not take a photo of yourself wearing it and email it to us along with a short blurb and we'll add your pic to this page.  

Photo of Steve on fire.

I gotta quit smoking.

Liz, shooting video from the backseat.

Photo of Liz and the video camera.

Photo of the gig banana car skeleton.

The progress as of 2-15-2010

Hello Steve
Hear is the picture me wearing the Big Bananara Car t-shirt
Thank You, Again

Chris A. Schmell

Photo of Chris A. Schmell.

Photo of the gig banana car skeleton.

Ron and his son Jason working on the Big Banana Car.

The nephews and niece of
Steve and The Spade
looking fantastic in their BBC t-shirts.

Photo of Chris A. Schmell.