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Sheila Braithwaite flew on a trans Atlantic flight and unfortunately contracted a blood clot that caused a pulmonary thrombosis ( A DVT - Deep Vein Thrombosis).

You can help us on the trip or with our cause in a few different ways.
1. Put us up for the night while on the trip. (No psychos please)
2. Join us in the banana car for part of the trip. (No, you wont be able to drive)
3. Donate to our DVT awareness drive.
4. Be our start/finish point.
5. Purchase a Big Banana Car T-Shirt - $15

See below for more details.


1. Put us up for the night:

We will be traveling on a tight budget and so every day will be spent wondering where we will sleep that night. We hope to use as much as possible but if you have room to pitch 4 tents and park a huge banana and will be somewhere along our route we'd like to talk. (If we are able to convince a film crew to join us in a chase vehicle it might be 6 tents and another car)

If we arrive early enough perhaps you could show us your town. Follow our progress when the journey starts and contact us if it looks like we might be heading your way. If you would like to put us up send us an email:



2. Join us in the banana car for a few miles:

For most of the trip we will have a spare seat and so if you would like to join us for a mile or two hundred please let us know.

We will ask for a donation (the amount is up to you but we ask that it's somewhere in the region of $1 - $2 per mile) and half of that money will go to DVT awareness (Deep vein thrombosis) and the other half will go toward the trip.

You will need to have your own vehicle follow us so that you can switch seats with our crew and they have somewhere to ride.

Follow our progress when the journey starts and contact us if it looks like we might be heading your way. If you would like to come along send us an email:



3. Donate to our Banana Car DVT awareness drive.:

  Your entire donation goes to DVT awareness through the Vascular Disease Foundation.
  Donate 50/50 to the trip and DVT:  


4. Be our starting location:

Because we are effectively driving in a big circle, our start point is also our finish point. This location will therefore be a big part of the trip and we are thinking about auctioning it on eBay.

As with all our other fundraising efforts half the money from the auction will go towards DVT awareness and half will go towards the trip.

If you have a location in mind that would make a good start/finish point and it is within the contiguous USA stay tuned to this website. The eBay auction will be announced here.

For more details contact us directly:



5. Purchase a Big Banana Car T-Shirt:

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We now have our own beautiful, 2 colour, t-shirts for sale.

Adults $15 each
Childrens $11 each

Buy as many as you wish, just use the "Add to Cart" button for each shirt.

After you receive your t-shirt please email us a photo of you wearing it.
email to:

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